crane rental rates

In need of a crane and worried it will be too expensive? Rent My Crane has simple pricing on all rentals and can accommodate your needs, no mater what the job requires. We are true professionals and understand that you need the proper equipment to get the job right, and on time!

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Check out the pricing table below for our most up to date crane rental rates.

The Best Crane Rental Rates

Equipment Per Hour Overtime Per Hour
23.5 Ton
Stinger/Terex Boom Truck
$125.00 $165.00
35 Ton
(Maximum Boom 135')
$150.00 $175.00
50 Ton
(Maximum Boom 140')
$160.00 $185.00
60 Ton
(Maximum Boom 150')
$170.00 $195.00
65 Ton
(Maximum Boom 150')
$190.00 $210.00
75 Ton
(Maximum Boom 190')
$195.00 $215.00
65 Ton and 75 Ton cranes carry an extra charge of $350.00, Each Way, to transport the additional counter weight to the job site and back to the shop. ($700.00)

No matter what your needs are our team of dedicated crane specialists will help you get the right tool for the job. Rent my Crane understands the demands of the industry and how to efficiently deliver, operate, and return a crane from your job site.

Give us a call today, and we will immediately begin working on your booking for a crane or boom truck rental. Let us show you how simple the process can be, and help you keep your next job on time and on budget.